Gifts Based on Enneagram Types

  • Sep 13, 2023

So, you're running out of gift ideas. Over the years, you've given your clients things they like, such as a cat Star Wars poster, tickets to see their favorite band, or even as far as their favorite hot sauce from that one barbeque joint down the road. 

Why not get creative this time around? Get your customer something based on their personality! Because their personality is one of the reasons, you call them your best client.

We've compiled a list of gifts to give based on Enneagram Types. There are nine enneagram/personality types. To find out which Enneagram type you are, click here


1 The Reformer

The Rational, Idealistic Type: Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, and Perfectionistic

This individual usually has a pretty organized office space. They tend to plan out activities and keep a strict schedule. A Reformer Personality probably reads all of the terms and conditions in a user agreement. A great gift for a Reformer would be delicious coffee! 

Coffee grinder with coffee packetsSAGE #69207


2 The Helper

The Caring, Interpersonal Type: Demonstrative, Generous, People-Pleasing, and Possessive

The Helper is someone who always knows what to do when they/others are sick. These individuals are kind and will always save you the last bite of dessert. An excellent gift for the Helper would be a massage rollerball, to unwind from a day full of thankfulness.

massage roller ball

SAGE #67279


3 The Achiever

The Success-Oriented, Pragmatic Type: Adaptive, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious

The Achiever is a hardworking individual that can lead any team. They are goal-oriented, and are ready for a challenge! To gift an Achiever, choose a planner so they can task out their next adventure! 

Inside and outside of a plannerSAGE #50031


4 The Individualist

The Sensitive, Withdrawn Type: Expressive, Dramatic, Self-Absorbed, and Temperamental

This individual wears their heart on their sleeve. The individualist is often daydreaming and is not afraid of expressing their emotions. For the Individualist Personality, I would suggest gifting a cutting board. They can craft up a creative cuisine to please any crowd! 

Cheese and Cracker cutting boardSAGE #50018


5 The Investigator 

The Intense, Cerebral Type: Perceptive, Innovative, Secretive, and Isolated

This individual can read a room. They often can see the truth in people, before others know it themselves. A great gift for an Investigator Type would be a pair of earbuds, so they relax and jam out to their favorite tunes. 

Earbuds with a caseSAGE #60462


6 The Loyalist

The Committed, Security-Oriented Type: Engaging, Responsible, Anxious, and Suspicious

The Loyalist Type will always have your back. They are the type of clients that help you out in any situation. Often a little anxious, they try to see the best in every outcome. For the Loyalists, help them relax by gifting them an essential oil kit. 

Diffuser with essential oilsSAGE #66296


7 The Enthusiast

The Busy, Fun-Loving Type: Spontaneous, Versatile, Distractible, and Scattered

Talk about adventure! This person is always up for fun. They are the type to grab a backpack and take a day trip to a new restaurant in a new city. For the outgoing Enthusiast Personality, gift them cookies! Because who doesn't love cookies? 

Cookie tin with cookiesSAGE #51223


8 The Challenger

The Powerful, Dominating Type: Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, and Confrontational

The Challenger is confident and knows what they are doing. Challenger Personalities often make good lawyers. Give the Challenger a smartwatch, so they can stay on top of things when they are out and about! 

Smart watch with brandingSAGE #66296


9 The Peacemaker

The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent

The Peacemaker is always there when you've had a bad day and need someone to talk to. This personality type is sweet and peaceful. Give them something soft and cozy, such as a throw blanket to brighten their day! 

Lady with a soft blanketSAGE #66966


Enneagram Source: Enneagram Insitutute 

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